The building blocks upon which our Vision and Mission rest are our Core Values. These are some of the main ingredients that shape our ministry, providing guard rails to shape our future. If you are new to us this is great place to begin to understand our foundation and what makes us tick. The headings link to a sermon on each topic.

Scriptural Authority

We are not as concerned with ‘applying Scripture to our lives’ as we are applying our lives to Scripture. It is the real story to which our lives are to conform. (Psalm 119:7-16)

Redemption – Gospel Centered

When the gospel is rightly understood and experienced hearts are turned. People are renewed from the inside out as they live their life in gratitude to the Father by keeping His commands. As people are passionate about the gospel their response is radical obedience as they die to self and become laborers in His kingdom to bring Him glory. (Rom 15:5-6)

Historical Worship

Worship restores our perspective. When we come into the house of the Lord and enter into worship our priorities and worldly pressures are realigned and rightly prioritized. We base our worship on historical patterns going back to the first worship service recorded in the Bible, Exodus 24.  (Psalm 73)

Intentional Discipleship

The life of the disciple is to be marked by self-denial and lack of worldly concern. We are intentional about making disciples, teaching what the Lord has commanded. (Luke 9:23, Matt 28:18-20)

Authentic Community

In our disengaged world, we are disconnected from each other, our friends, our parents, and, most importantly, God. Through the gospel we are connected to God and to our brothers and sisters. We have been rescued and are now a part of the family, the body of Christ. Here we can be real about our struggles and lean on each other as we walk with Christ in a sin-filled world. (1 John 3:11-18, Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4:32-37

Abiding Faith

Abiding faith begins when we admit we are broken and our self-efforts do not work. As we surrender to Him our lives are at His disposal. Abiding faith is characterized by commitment and devotion to our Lord in every area of our lives. When we acknowledge that Jesus is our Lord we recognize that we are His servants, where true freedom is found. (Matt 19:16-22)

Active Serving

Humble service to others demonstrates a Christ-like love. He loved by serving so we, too, love by serving. Servanthood is a natural byproduct of becoming a follower of Christ. Collectively, our lives become a “city on a hill” to serve and love our community. (John 13:1-15)